(c) Monika Keiler

Eine andere Welt. Gelebte Praktiken der Solidarität

  • Dialogue

With the artist collective parallelgesellschaft & other contributors from civil society and academia
With IImran Ayata, Julia Bar-Tal, Sükran Budak, Tobias Burdukat, Robin Celikates, Tsafrir Cohen, Esther Dischereit, Romin Khan, Sowmya Maheswaran, Hanna Meißner, Llanquiray Painemal, Tanasgol Sabbagh, Spoke & Sorah, Armeghan Taheri, Temye Tesfu, Vanessa E. Thompson, Gertraud Vorbrodt, Katharina Warda, Ken Yamamoto, Veronika Zablotsky, Meral Ziegler

What kind of resistance do we need to counter the advance of the right? What utopias are we aiming for? Beyond the liberal self-image of the centre which is ultimately in favour of deportations and border walls, alliances against exploitation and oppression are building solidarity at local and global levels. In collaboration with the artist collective parallelgesellschaft, the third evening will focus on these perspectives through music and spoken word – in defence of the migration society.