(c) Tania Gheerbrant, After Image 1

HYBRID Box – Modular Gallery for Digital Arts
Tania Gheerbrant – After Image #2

  • Installation

The video diptych „After-image #2“ is a poetic narrative, a fabulation of the history of vision, a story of parallel time and space. Tania Gheerbrant delves into the history of cinema and resurrects two main historical male representatives of the fields of vision and pre-cinematic history: Jan Evangelista Purkyně (discoverer of ocular luminosity) and Étienne- Gaspard Robert (inventor of phantasmagoria), as the protagonists of each of the two videos are transformed into female or androgynous/ non-gendered zombie figures of interconnected, or rather disconnected, human and non-human species, gather all the symptomatic symbolism of the post-human and non-masculine gaze in their appearance.

With this diptych, in which each video is dedicated to the story of one of figures, Gheerbrant enters the dialectic of the history of memory, offering a subjective vision mixed with dreams and poetry. It is a reflection on the role of art in theoretical research, a position that oscillates between memory and history. Images reminiscent of 19th century romantic paintings as well as virtual 3D views, make the videos a «playful shield» allowing the protagonists to navigate through this semi-mortal still-life and different stories to extract new ones.


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HYBRID Box is a project in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts and PYLON curated by PYLON with the support of GRAFT Architects.