Laila Soliman
Wanaset Yodit

  • Performance

Abir Omer and Yodit Akbalat fled from Sudan to northern Germany a few years ago. In 2019, they staged a documentary project of the same name about genital mutilation and womanhood. In the process, they met the Egyptian director Laila Soliman and developed the idea for “Wanaset Yodit”. Now the two friends invite the audience to their coffee ceremony. Their living room is the stage, the audience sits comfortably on cushions, listens to their stories and favourite songs or has their fortunes told from shells. A dramatic story told with a lot of humour, which we often hear in the media about men, but too rarely about women as the main protagonists.

The Egyptian director Laila Soliman is one of the international young theatre avant-garde and will be a guest at HELLERAU for the first time in 2021. In conversation with Leonie Kusterer, she talks about her work and the current situation of producing in Egypt. – Read more in the HELLERAU online magazine.