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  • Get Together

The Migrantpolitan community wields the wooden spoons and invites you to the big table to eat together and exchange ideas. If you would like to try something, please register.

The Migrantpolitan on the Kampnagel site is an activity space for, by and/or with locals and the new citizens (migrants) and a space in which the social distinction of »refugees« and »locals« is erased. Itʼs a laboratory for development and creation, a meeting room where culture and art meets the reality of life. There, a new way of collaborating, sharing and co-living is tested and participants jointly exchange cosmopolitan visions. The self-empowerment platform produces solidarity practices, and presents migrant perspectives in a transcultural living room for all. This constellation of people and beliefs has created emancipatory concepts with impacts far beyond Kampnagel.

Funded as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.