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Düsseldorf composer and sound performer Miki Yui is known for her minimalist organic soundscapes that unfold with narrative vigour. In her concert performance Resonate!, she and her musician friends Laure Boer, Echo Ho, and Diane Barbé collect real tones and sounds from the theatre’s surroundings to transmute them to grand music in an improvisatory setting. The subsequent solo concert evokes the co-existence of space, body, and sound with hypnotic sounds that create images and emotions in the head and the gut.

Part 1: Improvisation Concert by Diane Barbé, Laure Boer and Echo Ho
Part 2: Solo Concert Miki Yui

Miki Yui * is an artist and lives in Düsseldorf. She has been working with synthesisers, samplers, and field recordings since 1999, letting enigmatic landscapes unfold in the head.

Laure Boer is a multi-instrumentalist in Berlin. Her hypnotic improvisations with classical, electroacoustic and DIY instruments create a sound universe.

Echo Ho is an interdisciplinary artist in Cologne. With her self-developed “slow qin” instrument, inspired by the traditional Chinese zither, she turns the transformative process into an experience.

Diane Barbé is a sound artist in Berlin. She plays the flute as well as electroacoustic instruments and explores human and non-human worlds through sound. Experimental music, performance, as well as research and education unite in her work.

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