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Gorilla Club was founded as the children’s music incarnation of the Cologne indie pop institution Locas In Love around Stefanie Schrank and Björn Sonnenberg. Their second album “Ok cool” is a comforting album, one that simultaneously embraces and makes an entertaining racket. The Gorillas remain true to their attitude: they do not offer an entertainment program for children, but a collection of unusual, colourful and smart pop songs with which they enter into a conversation with children. They do this sometimes in an absurd, sometimes in a nerdy, sometimes in a jubilant, sometimes in an introverted way, starting with a non-fiction groove song about octopuses in “Facts about Octopods” and culminating in the lullaby “In Bed”, which is performed in seven different languages.

Both the poetic depth and the joy of anarchic nonsense are not an end in themselves for Gorilla Club: the clever and funny thing about their music is their knowledge of the cleverness and wit of children. This is where the Gorillas pick up their young fans, with melody-loving and playful stories about food, arguments, animals, cities, memories, movies and friendship.

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