Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main

The artist house Mousonturm was established in 1988 as one oft he first independent production houses in Germany, today it has become one of its most important and successful production centers. With a site that spans more than 4000 square meters in the historically preserved tower of the former Mouson soap factory, it features a theatre room, two studio stages, a rehearsal stage and studios, artist apartments, a workshop, and is closely affiliated with the dance platform Rhine-Main of Frankfurt’s LAB, thus offering extraordinary production and performance opportunities.

In its programmatic and production work, the “artist house” Mousonturm focuses on the recurring exchange of artists, groups, and collectives belonging to the contemporary independent scene, both within and beyond Germany and Europe. Cornerstones of Mousonturm’s program are contemporary dance and choreography, performance and innovative formats developed by international theatres and directors, authors, and actors who do not come from German-speaking countries and that, for this very reason, allow us to get in touch with different aesthetic forms of expressions and more radical political modes of action.

The program also includes contemporary music projects and the visual arts: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm shows films, organize concerts, and present installations. The team of Mousonturm also understands the city and the metropolitan region as a stage, as a space for intervention and action, which they regularly make use of, play at, and explore together with the city’s residents. Since August 2013, Matthias Pees has been managing and artistic director of the artist house Mousonturm.