Houseclub präsentiert: Pink Valley
Radical Present Von und mit sieben jungen Mensche

  • Performance

Together with the performance collective Pink Valley, seven young actors have spent eight months researching their radical presence. The result, “Radical Present”, is a performative experiment, a search for presence in radical times, a sensuality without conditions, a liberation from tomorrow and yesterday, from the must and the should – but is it possible to keep performance alive in isolation? Probably yes and no. Our boundaries are forced and simultaneously blown up, we no longer know what is normal or what is real. It‘s about our relationships – to the world, to others and to ourselves. Radical presence despite radical absence. Switch on to our live online performance!

By and with: Katharina Alles, Nesrin Basaran, Hiyam Biary, Ella Mac Williams, Lisa Rohde, Carlos Ramón Steinke, Katjana Wick / Artistic Direction: Pink Valley / Grafik & Dokumentation: Philip Scholl / Assistance (FSJ Kultur): Hiyam Biary / Music: Diego Noguera / Kamera: FETT Foto- und Videoproduktion