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Offenes Foyer
Bülbül Club

  • Dance
  • Workshop

Welcome to the Bülbül Club – a new meeting place for dancing together and dances from West Asia and North Africa. After an introductory workshop on a dance style, we dance together – like Bülbüls!

The series starts on 1 March with the dance style Dabke. Dabke is a popular line dance in which you stomp along to the rhythm. In Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Turkish and Persian, Bülbül is a proverb for joy and for speaking fluently and vocally. In addition to dancing, the club also invites people to socialise and celebrate together.

By and with Omar Mohamad, Yalla-Dabke: Pauli & Tamim and DJ RAM.

Supported by the Alliance of International Production Houses; funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.