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Raketen Erna
Mouson Mini Music

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If Rio Reiser had made a children’s record, it would certainly have sounded like the music of Raketen Erna. The three-piece combo makes music for strawberry princesses and superheroes and, after their successful debut album “Bouletten Beats” and the great “Mir doch egal, ich lass das jetzt so” (I don’t care, I’ll leave it like that), which was longlisted for the German Record Critics’ Prize 2020 in the category of children’s and youth recordings, is back with a new longplayer: “Der Erna ihr dritter Streich”. Once again, the children’s rock band from Berlin-Kreuzberg brings color and all kinds of genres into the children’s rooms and into the car radios of parents. Sometimes beatle-esque with “Briefträgerin Mandy” and “Trend-Man”, sometimes with ska borrowings with “Straßenschilder” and the “Ballade vom Wolf”, or even with rough desert rock (“Ich flieg’ durch die Straßen”) – this time it even gets jazzy-poppy with the dog song “Bello, der beste Freund der Welt”. With her usual skillful polyphonic singing, Raketen Erna pulls off a genre balancing act that delights children as much as adults.

For all from 4 years.

The Raketen Erna concert is part of the “Mouson Mini Music” series, a project within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses, sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.