(c) Teresa Nanni, (c) Sophia Emmerich

“Da haben wir den Salat” Tour

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Can you be too young for philosophical and political thoughts? Can you be too old for children’s music? Rapper and activist Sookee, who has been raising her voice publicly against discrimination and exclusion for over 15 years, clearly answers both questions with “No”. As Sukini, Sookee focuses her attention on the ears of little people. She dedicates stories full of comfort and courage to them on the 12 songs of her album “Schmetterlingskacke”. For Sukini it is the most beautiful thing when adults, despite stressful everyday life and their own worries, take time for the little ones and dive with them into the boundless expanses of childlike fantasy and joy of life. Sukini invites with this album to look at the world together, to giggle, play, argue, philosophize and cuddle. Without looking at the clock, without judgment, without a “you don’t understand yet”.

For all from 6 years

Sukini’s concert is part of the “Mouson Mini Music” series, a project within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses, sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.